Collective Agreement No 4 Of 2016

3. The purpose of the Teachers` Advisory Committee is to discuss issues related to teaching, learning conditions or other issues of interest or concern. These issues may include changes to training policy, administrative procedures, changes in professional service conditions and the transmission of the views of the parties involved. Issues relating to ongoing collective bargaining or active complaints are not considered by this committee. 15.4 This agreement benefits and binds the parties and their successors. The alternative language has been agreed and is included in the collective agreement. CONSIDERING that the parties want these issues to be defined in a collective agreement that regulates the conditions of employment of the aforementioned teachers; We welcome the fact that the Agreement will prevail over all existing provincial agreements governing the appointment and transformation of educators, unless the provisions of the existing provincial agreements provide more favourable conditions to the conditions set out in the national agreement. This agreement will confirm the intellectual, professional and individual dignity of each employee. The parties agree, in a joint committee, to formalize the current practice (15 weeks of fixed additional benefits) in the language of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the current practice will remain unchanged as long as these discussions take place. If the parties fail to agree on the final form of the tariff language by March 1, 2014, the matter will be referred to the case management arbitrator described in the framework agreement.

In light of improvements to the workers` benefits plan and sick leave benefits, workers covered by the collective agreement waive discounted rights under the Labour Insurance Act. 15.3 All agreements, schedules and arrangements between the parties are herestly denounced. 10.3.3 Maternity leave benefits – teachers are entitled to benefits under Article 12 of the collective agreement for the duration of maternity leave. 15.2 There is no mention of any, reduces a teacher`s salary below the amount payable immediately before this agreement comes into force.