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To represent a university club in qualification, an athlete must visit that institution or an institution that participates in a consortium agreement with those who represent the club. The university`s participation window begins immediately after the end of secondary education and lasts seven years. During this time, an athlete can participate in up to five years of college or adult rugby before being admitted to university. Please ensure that all 17-year-old participants and student athletes under the age of 19 in the front row comply with the necessary additional documents prior to their participation. UNF students who choose to attend a college or university other than the concurrent/temporary student may be eligible for UNF assistance for these courses. For example, UNF`s Financial Aid Master Consortium Agreement with the Florida College System system and the State University/Temporary Student Consortium allows for withdrawals from the Federal Title IV scholarship program and Florida Bright Futures if certain conditions are met. LSSC has articulation agreements with many higher education institutions and universities. For more information on partnership and articulation, see For more information and advice on transfer planning, please contact an LSSC Academic Advisor. Participation under the consortium agreement may be authorised by the Eligibility Committee after the submission of a request for waiver of participation. This is the only circumstance in which an athlete can represent one or more schools he or she does not attend in the qualifying competition. Consortium agreements between universities are recognized by the United States of Rugby, provided that Lake-Sumter State College offers a bachelor`s degree in organizational management. You can find information about the program on the BAS OM page in this catalogue.

Other FCS institutions also offer specific bachelor`s degrees. A list of bachelor`s degrees authorised by the FCS can be found under When applying, you must use the personnel rates indicated by the DFG. A precise classification in the tariff category concerned takes place only after approval (where appropriate, additional requirements may be invoked on the basis of the fee schedule). Student support employees benefit from internal rates of the University of Cologne, which are adjusted every year. When applying, make sure you need a student intermediary with a BA or ma degree. The monthly payments are available in the pages of division 41. At the beginning of each membership cycle, it is necessary to identify all U18 participants in your college rugby program and all U19 athletes who can participate in the first row. All these players must complete a U18/U19 participation at the University of Rugby. This waiver statement must be kept with all other club records for at least three years to ensure the insurance coverage of the participant and the club. LSSC joined The College of Valencia and Seminole State College in an alliance funded by a multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation. This alliance has been tasked with increasing the number of minority students graduating from the participating community or state colleges and baccalaureate students in S.T.E.M.

LSSC implements targeted recruitment and retention strategies that properly highlight, encourage, train and prepare historically underrepresented student populations in S.T.E. careers. M E. For more information about this special occasion, please call 352-435-6350. Students who earn an AA or AS degree from Lake-Sumter State College have a wide range of opportunities to continue their education for a bachelor`s degree level.