Facility For The Implementation Of The Eu-Georgia Association Agreement- Ii

– Strengthening mechanisms and practices for coordination, monitoring, reporting and evaluation – Strengthening Parliament`s capacity and monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of the AA/ACFTA – Improved government coordination and monitoring of EU aid at national level – strengthening of planning and implementation of reforms in AA/ACFTA-related sectors, in accordance with the national policy planning framework and public administration principles – Strengthening the alignment of national legislation with EU standards and standards, by applying common methods and better compliance with Georgian legislation and legislative initiatives with EU AA standards , DCFTA and AA – Strengthening the process of institutional reform in certain areas as part of the implementation of the AA – Strengthened partnership between relevant public institutions and EU agencies, as well as EU EU agencies and EU institutions programmes – Strengthening the legal translation capacity of government authorities (mainly MoJ and Matsne) – Improving government and parliament communication on AA/ACFTA and other EU-Georgia agreements – raising awareness of EU-Georgia relations and AA/ACFTA benefits between national and local public institutions, business and society – Developed and improved communication tools The AA mechanism continues to support the Georgian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture (MEPA) to improve entrepreneurs` knowledge of changes to animal feed safety legislation veterinary and phytosanitary products. To this end, MEPA`s LEPL National Food Safety Agency (NFA), with the support of the AA mechanism, organizes communication meetings in Gori and Bor… jomi, where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new legal requirements related to the planning and implementation of risk analysis points and critical checkpoints (HACCPs). 🇪🇺 🇬🇪WORKSHOP ON END-USER RIGHTS AND GENERAL AUTHORISATION REGIME AS BY EECC As part of the support of the Georgian National Communication Commission (Com) through the AA mechanism, the follow-up workshop is being organised today for ComCom representatives, taking into account the EU code for electronic communications (EECC). The main objective of the assistance provided is to help ComCom introduce the EECC in Georgia in order to… A process of reconciliation and effective and sustainable implementation of EECC regulations.