Payumoney Service Agreement Pdf

In addition, it is not our responsibility to monitor the use of payment mechanisms by you for the purchase of goods and services by the merchant or the purpose of your bill payment to the Billers in any way. You use payment mechanisms based solely on your choices and risks. From time to time, we may conduct or conduct risk assessments for you and/or transactions on the reseller`s website (a “risk assessment”) that are intended, among other things, to: a) verify that you are properly constituted and that you are making a transaction in good faith; b. Make sure you have sufficient safeguards to protect customer data c. quantify and analyze transaction-related fraud or default; and/or d. provide all the other amenities we need (act reasonably) as part of its exposure under this Agreement and agreements with acquiring banks or Card Associations, and you will provide us with all the necessary support and information regarding these risk assessments. PayU will do everything in its power to provide uninterrupted service with downtime and regular maintenance. However, regardless of any information in this Agreement, the PayU website, PayU services and the services of the acquiing bank cannot be revoked on an ongoing or faultless or malicious or malicious or other malicious code or other malicious, destructive or corrupting codes, enmacro, PayU and PayU and payU and the banks acquiescing, explicitly or implicitly, in writing or orally, including guarantees of continuity and adequacy of services to a certain purpose. While PayU takes security measures that it deems appropriate for the PayU service, it does not ensure or guarantee that no person will pass or undermine security measures and will not gain unauthorized access to PayU service or your customer data. PayU is not responsible or responsible if an unauthorized person hacks or gets access to the PayU service or your PayU account. In the event of incorrect billing on the trader`s account as a result of an error by PayU or the bank, PayU has the right to cancel the additional funds from the trader`s bank account.

In addition, you are fully obligated to return the additional funds that have been paid by PayU within 7 (seven) days of derintimation. Subject to the other clauses of this Agreement, PayU will endeavour to pay the corresponding amount of compensation within 7 (seven) days of your notification to the distributor`s account if the compensatory amounts to be paid to you have not been transferred. In addition, PayU is not liable to you for losses or damage caused directly or indirectly, including and without restriction, by data loss; interruption or interruption of the customer`s access to the Merchant website, PayU services and/or payment mechanism; Interruption or interruption of the PayU website, hacking or unauthorized access to PayU services, software application and Internet Payment Gateway, unavailability of connections between Merchant and PayU site, etc. Any material/information downloaded or obtained through the use of PayU services is done at its discretion and at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for the damage caused to its computer system or to the loss of data resulting from such downloads.