Personal Training Client Agreement Form

In a personal training contract, there is a lot to do. Apart from the usual legal jargon, there are specific provisions that apply only to a physical training contract. Here are some important elements of a personal training agreement: complete agreement. This agreement constitutes the exclusive and complete agreement of the parties on the object contained and replaces all agreements, agreements, assurances and safeguards, both in writing and orally, on this subject. This agreement can only be amended, amended or supplemented by an agreement signed by each of the parties. Click on the images below to download a PDF copy for FREE. Use these personal training forms as a starting point. Train them to adapt your business and the customers you serve. Training packages and personal payments. The staff training packages offered by the company and the personal trainer include various fitness programs with a variety of exercises and activities. Exercises and activities may include, but not limited to: weightlifting and training, stretching, aerobics, fitness, cardiovascular training, cardiovascular training, muscle building, endurance, use of free weights, training equipment, machines, and fitness physical tests, and other physical training exercises, exercises and techniques. Personal trainers help their clients achieve their fitness goals. Not all coaches are the same.

Some specialize in certain niche areas, others are general personal trainers who cover a wide range of physical exercises. In addition, the client undertakes to inform both the company and the personal trainer of any physical conditions that may affect their ability to attend meetings. A service contract or service contract is a legally binding contract between two or more parties, which defines the terms of professional service between the service provider and the customer. A service contract is a critical business contract. THE PAR-Q (i.e.