Southlake Ona Agreement

Southlake started this fiscal year with a $17.7 million deficit on its $450 million annual budget, Krystal said, and faced another $18 million to $20 million deficit if no other savings were found this year to cope with rising costs. While the layoff of 97 registered nurses, heralded as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, “is regrettable, certain,” all other cost-cutting opportunities for the deficit Southlake Regional Health Centre have been exhausted, its CEO said at a virtual town hall last night. About $6.5 million has been cut by the rotation and reduction of non-union staff, Krystal said. To a question, the Chief of staff, Dr. Steven Beatty, that he is not aware of the concern of doctors about the reduction of registered nurses, as they will continue to occupy areas where patients need a high level of care, such as intensive care, after surgery and emergency. “When is this government going to get on the plate and do the right thing? Ontario nurses are horrified that it appears that there is no intention to lay charges before the deadline expires. “We don`t have the exact property yet, although some people have come forward to say, you know what, if you get permission, I think I could have land for you,” Krystal says. And of course, we look at areas that are well amassed at the current location, because we would have a bit of back and forth. » Media Advisory – Nurses and health professionals protest. . Southlake has added additional practical nursing positions as it prepares to introduce a new model for caregivers based on their abilities and abilities, she said. “But as you can imagine in such a large budget, and where the vast majority of the budget is support, it`s really hard to find that kind of money without getting to the front at some point, and that`s unfortunate, that`s for sure — it`s not something I or anyone else wants to do,” she said. For more information: Sheree Bond, (416) 964-8833, 2430; cell: (416) 986-8240; [email protected]; Ruth Featherstone (416) 964-8833, call sign 2267; [Email protected] “I was asked several times the question: `Why would you do it now?.

Why would you lay off nurses during a pandemic? Arden Krystal confirmed. Most of the questions from the municipality during the event of the 7th.