Student Project Participation Agreement

Type B) Subsidized funding: This agreement is recommended, but not mandatory and can be used for students and PhD students or PDFs participating in research that are either in accordance with a faculty member`s research program and/or funded by funding scholarships awarded by a faculty member. Examples of funding: NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, internal funding, etc. You can also develop confidential information during your research. If confidential information is developed as part of a project conducted specifically by the university or involving an external organization, you should not disclose this information without consulting your supervisor beforehand. Disclosure of this information may jeopardize the chances of obtaining a patent or contravene confidentiality obligations with respect to the university or an external organization. Whether or not a written agreement is reached, you may still be bound by confidentiality obligations if you receive information that you know is confidential and undisclosed. If you have any questions about these agreements or need further information, please call Rory Beck directly by phone: 894-2856 or e-mail In return, the university is committed to allowing you to participate in the research project and to share with you all the proceeds from the commercialization of intellectual property in accordance with university policy. There is nothing in this agreement that prevents your right to have your closing work reviewed (provided that appropriate arrangements are made when using confidential information). The university asks students to assign their IP address to the university, where they are participating in a sponsored project. Over the past few months, Research Services collaborators, in collaboration and coordination with members of the UPEI Faculty, the Research Advisory Committee and the Graduate Advisory Committee, have developed three new student research participation agreements for UPEI students participating in UPEI research. The need for these agreements was determined on the basis of feedback from students and teachers, and our documents were developed after careful consideration of the research agreements proposed at other Canadian universities. These agreements are intended to ensure that students fully understand their rights and duties during research at UPEI and that students are familiar with UPEI guidelines and other relevant procedures for their research activities.

Below are descriptions and links to the three contract templates. To determine which agreement is right for you, read the river diagram. Students are encouraged to discuss with their faculty leaders the agreement that is appropriate for their research activities. Sponsored Project refers to a project involving a student in which: the supervision of teachers and departments must follow certain guidelines when working with students on projects involving companies: Type C) Other projects: This agreement is certainly recommended, but not mandatory and can be used for students or post-doctoral fellows who complete a research project as part of a personal interest or academic requirements. Type A) Under contract: this is a mandatory agreement that will be used with students or post-docs participating in a project funded by a faculty member or with students who have received an industrial grant.