Sun Tv Rio Agreement

(y) Any amount due and payable by the Operator to SDSPL under a prior agreement/agreement between SDSPL and the Operator shall be paid by the Operator to SDSPL within 30 days of the performance of this Agreement, failing which SDSPL reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and disable/disconnect signals from subscriber channels. (a) SDSPL separates/disables signals from subscriber channels and any agreement between the parties regarding the carriage of subscriber channels on the licensee`s addressable system (“Allied Agreements”) terminates automatically. (b) In performing this agreement, the lessee does not violate any of the provisions contained in other agreements concluded by the lessee with third parties. (1) The lessee fails to comply with any of the conditions of the contract; and/or (iv) if, during the audit exercise, it is established that the licensee has not informed SDSPL of a modification/replacement of its existing SMS/CAS system declared at the time of performance of the contract, or where the licensee has set up and is using one or more SMS/CAS systems for which it has not declared the correct and correct number of participants; at the same time as the choice of channels subscribed by subscribers, SDSPL, in this case, will calculate, at its discretion, a penalty equal to 2 times the maximum selling price of such channels and/or packages from the date of the agreement for additional subscribers attributable to such additional SMS/CAS systems. For example, if the undeclared number of subscribers is 1000 and SDSPL`s MRP share for those 1000 undeclared subscribers is Rs. .