Why Renew Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

At MetrixData360, we realize that things aren`t the same with Microsoft as they used to be, and when you enter your EA renewal, you`re faced with a new process that`s much more frustrating than before, so here are some tips to help you cope with these changes: For many organizations, the end of their Microsoft EA in June of this year. Are you planning to renew your EI or move to the CSP as the deadline approaches? This is something to think about in the coming months. Recently, some changes have been made to ea that may affect your decision – some SMB customers may have to opt for an alternative licensing program like CSP or will be forced to opt for it. This is a good time to review your current agreement and changes to EA`s requirements and compare the benefits of CSP and EA for your business. For IT procurement professionals tasked with negotiating an extension, the impact is severe. Your next Microsoft EA renewal should not be treated as usual, as it offers a greater risk of overruns and compliance missteps. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to define and refine EA for more value, more flexibility and an optimal license that reduces costs and risks. Even before the ink is dry on an EA renewal, Microsoft is already developing a strategy to generate more revenue from the customer`s next renewal event. By the way, this is not a wide distribution – it is a formalized program for which sales and account teams are trained and measured. With this in mind, corporate customers must respond with the same rigor, discipline and data/intelligence. Across NPI`s overall customer base, more than 40% of EA renewals occur in the 4th quarter of Microsoft`s fiscal year (i.e., April/May/June).

This is in contrast to Q1, which typically accounts for less than 20% of EA`s renewals. This leads to a dizzying demand for licenses and legal resources, a risk of a lumpy forecast, and a lumpy cash flow. One of the goals of switching to subscription licensing is to smooth out this model. At Metrixdata 360, after more than a decade of experience with Microsoft, we`ve noticed a change in the way Microsoft links these renewals that can make your renewal more difficult than in the past. .