Wwu Hold Harmless Agreement

Entering into the lease agreement for rented vehicles This policy only applies to travel outside the city limits of College Place and Walla Walla. Please report any changes to driving records during the year to risk and safety management. Check the following for all drivers of private vehicles: Only carry passengers who have been approved by the department head or representative. If students opt for transport other than transport organised by the University of Münster, the sponsor will check whether the driver has up-to-date insurance for his vehicle. Contact Facilities Services to enter into CDL driver contracts. Provide a form for a harmless blocking agreement, which must be signed by those who choose NOT to travel in WWU-organized transportation, and submit the list of students using organized transportation. Complete the Facility Services Vehicle Transportation Request Form for Vehicles Owned or Chartered Have completed the Online Driving Safety Course within the last four years. If you need to take the course, you will receive instructions after reviewing your driving questionnaire. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or other ADHD-related disorders and are taking prescription medications for these conditions, please read and print the forms below and take them to your prescribing doctor. The NCAA has a process for reviewing and approving the legal use of drugs containing substances prohibited by the NCAA through a medical exception procedure.

Filling out these forms allows us to initiate this procedure when you are tested for stimulants. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. All drivers of vehicles owned by Walla Walla University or rented by companies, or those who drive their personal vehicles with passengers for transport coordinated by the University of Münster, must be on the list of approved drivers (REGISTRATION required). See Transport options for EMU activities below. Transportation is specially organized by the sponsor and is provided by vehicles belonging to the university, rented by companies or private properties. Note: Vans for 15 people cannot be used for university activities. Watch this video about the risks of vans for 15 passengers and alternative options. Make a list of students who choose WWU-organized transportation and submit it to the appropriate service or activity request form. Applicants with a WA license only. If you have any questions, please contact risk & safety management. Provide proof of current insurance for your vehicle and understand that your personal auto insurance would cover any accidents or injuries that may occur The intent of Walla Walla University`s driver policy is to ensure safe transportation.

Completed Walla Walla University Approved Driver Application ATHLETIC TRAINING SERVICES ROOM 516 High Street Carver Gym 155 Attention: Athletic Training Room Fax: 360.650.7634 The driver is responsible for all quotes he owes. Student Health Center – Phone: 360.650.3400 Saint Joseph Hospital Emergency Room – Phone: 360.734-5400 They are on the list of approved drivers and may have the designation 7 + Send the following documents to risk and safety management. All drivers must re-apply each year. Customers are allowed to drive university vehicles if their name is on the list of approved drivers. Documents can be sent in advance to risk & Safety Management for approval. Any customer who is not a registered driver must rent vehicles from a rental company under his own name and insurance and be reimbursed by the relevant university department. .